Thursday, April 29, 2010

Erm..... Hello there.
It's been a while.

I am not going to keep this up on a regular basis. Clearly, I am not nearly focused/motivated/mature enough for that. Nor, however, shall I let this blog die. The new bloggy resolution is to blog, you know, whenever.

While I'm always chock-full of great excuses for not keeping up, the one I've got now is a really, really good one - I was at work, all day, every day, ALL THE TIME. The occasional afternoon/day off I had was spent in a heap on my bed, bemoaning the lack of time I had to spend the funds I'd been accruing (thank God for the internet, eh? You can shop from ANYWHERE!). After nearly five months of that, my schedule is going back to normal. I'll have two days of a week and most afternoons to do with whatever I'd like. I'm seeing a lot of sleep in my future, with occasional naps just to shake things up.

I have managed to squeeze in a couple of shoots here and there, one in particular that I'm really proud of. This is Amber:Isn't she purdy? And she's a dream of a model. Our first set-up, after she'd been made up and costumed, I positioned her, she took up a pose, I snapped a shot and suddenly, she was moving all over the place, posing and hair whipping and generally being incredibly awesome and making me look good. I barely directed her at all and as we wandered Elysian Park, she'd spot trees and power converters I'd completely overlooked and suggest shots. I luff her.

In other awesome photography news, I've met a new neighbor who is an incredibly talented professional photographer and who is willing to gang up with me. He's been teaching me great tips and tricks and I'm already seeing improvement in my own work.

So, you know. That's fun.


The guy and I went to a BBQ in Echo Park a couple of weeks ago. It was in a small lot behind an art gallery off of Sunset Blvd and while it was sparsely decorated, there was a pretty tree strung up with Christmas lights in the middle of the lot and some vinyl benches scattered around. Nothing special UNTIL I overheard a guy ask the girl who was hosting the event where she'd gotten the benches. Oh so casually, she answered that she was friends with a set decorator and had he ever heard of the show Pushing Daisies? Well, those benches were from the diner set.

THE SET OF PUSHING DAISIES!!! My beloved, canceled, favorite show of ever!! I am such a nerd for that show that in no time at all, I'd commandeered a bench and parked myself there for the rest of the evening.

That expression right there? That is nerdy bliss. Glee, if you will. My behind is part of Pushing Daisies now. And there is photographic evidence.