Friday, January 28, 2011

So sick, again...

It's happened again. I am sick. I lie around and whine and make my pets fetch and carry for me. CAT, GET ME SOME TEA. DOG, BRING ME COUGH SYRUP. Nothing happens and I lie here and moan. Stupid poorly trained pets.


A couple of days ago I was puttering around my office, having just reached Bored With My Day mode when I heard someone yelling, "Call 911! Please, someone call 911!!" I ran out of the office, as one does when one hears something like that, and there was a guy clutching his hand and yelling that he'd cut him thumb off. I ran back into the office, call 911, sat the guy down, talked with him until the ambulance arrived, and sent him on his way. The whole time, I kept talking myself out of feeling queasy and passing out all over his chopped off thumb.
And then I went back to my boring office.
I don't know who the guy was and I'm not sure how it happened but it was a very exciting point in my day. His, too, I'm sure.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Apparently I'm not much better about updating the blog this year than I was last year. Or the last several years, come to think of it. Luckily for everyone, updating the blog more frequently was NOT one of my New Years resolutions. It's just something I know know I should be doing and therefore, feel guilty and slink away from it whenever I do get a chance to update. This is silly because I'm my very favorite person and where else am I going to find Channel Ana, all day, every day, but on this blog? KIDDING. I like blogging and I like keeping the people that care about me informed (hi, Granma!) so I will, once again, try and blog just a tiny bit more frequently.

I am a car-free zone. Clementine was sold to someone that has promised to take care of her and while I miss her, I can't say that I'll miss all the times she will break down. Take a trip through bloggerland with me. . . . . Here's the first reference to a disgruntled Clemmy, back in 2006. Mind you, this wasn't the first time she'd broken down. It was the just first time since I started the LiveJournal (ah, LiveJournal. Those were the days...). After that, there are at least two mentions every year. Here's the part where I thought I'd include a few links proving my point but that's not going to happen. I waded through half of 2007 before I got tired of my own inane babble and gave up. Just take it from me, the car, she broke down a lot and I complained about it bloggily every time. Clementine and Anahi, being all model-y and stuff.

Still, I was attached to my car and even more attached to how much easier it was to get around when I had a car (that worked). I'm planning to get a scooter now. Parking in my neighborhood is a nightmare and a scooter would be less expensive and easier to maintain that any car I could afford. And then I could get this for the Doc:He'll look so handsome.