Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rings and things

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In May, these things happened:
There was a family day, celebrating Mother's Day and my father's birthday, and it was lovely.
Someone tried to stab me and after they'd swung and missed, they cut their own throat and that was not so lovely.
I worked quite a lot and sort of forgot that I was going to be getting married in August and only realized I had less than three months (!) to plan the thing last week.
I started taking some classes on Tuesday nights with a very lovely group of people (there is one notable exception to the lovely people in this class and we shall call that exception Francis.  I am actually delighted that Francis is part of my class because her irrational dislike of me was so sudden and so intense that after the initial astonishment, I was very happy to realize that I'd stumbled onto a Shiny New Nemesis.  Francis is very smug about her role as top student in the class and very unhappy to find that I'm not so bad, myself.  Wheee!)  I'm not going to explain just yet what the class is for because I have a very bad habit of dropping out of things and so I want to see if I'm going to stick this out before I get all chatty about it.
There was a trip to Philadelphia, another proposal, and another engagement ring (which I love).
I may have had a little something to do with choosing this ring but J had me gloomily convinced that he wasn't going to buy it.  It was a marvelous, romantic surprise.