Saturday, February 23, 2013

The things that are up

Now that I'm not working a day job, I've got three other jobs keeping me busy. Photography is still the main gig but I've added Perfumer and occasional Fancy Event Lady to the mix.
The perfume thing is great. We've got funny and flirty and occasionally, slightly naughty names for them, like Temptress, Granny Panties, Flirt, and our latest, Himbo (that's the male version of a bimbo).
We sell them online and at the Melrose Trading Post, as well as in a few stores and they're doing really well. It's pretty exciting to watch this grow. I'm be attending some small business seminars in the next couple of months, too. Self-improvement! I has it!
The Fancy Event Lady job is a lot less complex. A few times a month, I get dressed up and stand around for a couple of hours and take names, or press elevator buttons, or show people where things are, or, rarely, hold a tray of tasty tidbits. It's for a very fancy hotel that has a residential complex. Actors, producers, athletes, musicians, all kinds of fancy people live there and if they have a party or if there's a open house at the residence, a few girls are hired to help with the decorations. Mainly by being decorative. My favorite job, so far, has been Elevator Girl. The residences are so fancy that every floor has a separate fob that allows access and so they need us to help guests get to where they're going. I stand in a tiny gilded box, press a button, and have twenty second relationships with all kinds of people, guest and resident alike. When
I'm not chatting with someone, I think of ways to make standing in an elevator more fun and occasionally worry about earthquakes.
1) Stand in a corner of the elevator, facing the corner, and rock very slightly, ignoring everyone that comes in.
2) Stand right in the doorway, with my back to the lobby, and ignore everyone that needs to get past me into the elevator.
3) Lie down right in the middle, face up or down, I haven't decided yet, and act as though it's perfectly normal. Greet new arrivals, etc.
4) Jump out and scream in their faces when the doors open.

I haven't done any of these (yet) but I stand there giggling to myself when I think about them. If the concierge is watching the camera feed, he probably thinks I'm crazy.

That's it. The busy part of my life, at the moment. I like it.