Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ways to Kill the Time

and not be doing the Things You're Actually Supposed to be Doing....

I'm editing photos right now. Right this very second, in fact. I am not typing, I am editing. I have not already examined every corner of the internets to see if there's anything I might have missed earlier and I am, in fact, being very productive and catching up on all those pointless photos I've taken.

There's no fooling you, is there? I'm totally not editing photos. What I am doing is staring at unedited photos and being bored, bored, bored. And repairing a co-worker's computer, which is actually a very Useful and Productive thing that I am doing but it's also boring because all I do is press a button every few hours while the machine furiously scans and whirs and repairs itself. Whenever I "fix" computers for people, I don't tell them that I barely did anything at all because it makes me look much smarter if I'm vague and mysterious and mutter things like "malware" and "boot scan". I certainly never tell them that I've figured most of it out by Googling it.

Unlike tonight's happenings, Sunday was pretty great. J treated his kid and I to a day on go-karts to celebrate the beginning of summer vacation. Go Karts, it turns out, are AWESOME!! While I didn't beat the other seven racers, I didn't come in last, either. There were three people left to straggle in behind me and those three were children and I BEAT THEM AT GO KARTS. I BEAT ALL OF THE CHILDREN. BECAUSE I WIN AT THINGS. I was the very last adult to cross the finish line but those kids, they were toast.

Look at that sweet loser face.

The other recent Very Exciting thing to happen was this:
What? You can't tell what that is? Let me tell you: Amber and I went to see a screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (themed cocktails! I had the Ramona Flowers and it was delicious. Free manicures!) last night at the W Hotel in Hollywood and after the movie, who should pop up but EDGAR FRICKIN' WRIGHT!!! The director and co-writer of such fantastic movies!!! His personal space was promptly invaded by yours truly, his hand was shaken and this photograph was taken. Then I learned a valuable lesson. Always, ALWAYS check your stupid camera settings before you hand your camera off to someone else because you might run into your favorite director and work up the courage to take a photo of him and the photo? It will suck and no one but you will ever know that you have a picture of yourself standing next to Edgar Wright (and he knows you're there and is willingly being photographed with you. This is key.)

And that was the last two days, presented to you with photographic illustration.
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