Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh, blog.
I keep saying I'll pay more attention to you and then I abandon you for weeks, months, at a time. It's terrible. I mean to write, I really do. It's just... You know.... Stuff happens. Stuff I should be writing about except what with all the stuff happening, I'm just to busy to write. It's a vicious cycle.
Speaking of cycles (HA!! See how I did that? That right there? I'm going to talk about a BICYCLE now!), I have a bicycle now! I'd been pointedly telling everyone I know how much I wanted one, hoping someone would have a spare lying around and it turns out that someone did. My landlord had a gorgeous vintage Raleigh ten-speed rusting away on his porch and almost as soon as I'd launched into my gee-I-really-want-a-bike-speech, he offered the Raleigh to me. It might have been because he has no use for it, it might have been because he likes me, or it might have been to shut me up. I don't know why he gave it to me, but I'm really glad he did. As soon as my guy fixes the brakes, I'll be zipping around the neighborhood and crashing into every tree and parked car between here and my workplace.

The bike is kind of the most exciting thing to happen to me in a while. I've been working really long hours for the last six weeks and haven't had much time for anything else. I saw a great show, Cursive at the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip, went to a co-workers birthday party (THAT'S a whole thing right there - this party was in a fancy-shmancy house in the Hollywood Hills and clearly, I've seen way too many movies and showed up with completely unrealistic expectations. There was not a cocaine mountain in sight. No one jumped fully clothed into the swimming pool. Not a single person was slapped OR shot. It was just another party, albeit chock-full of professional models. Dozens of them, all long-legged and pouty-lipped, casting wistful glances at the buffet table. I know they were glancing at the food because that's where I set up camp. While they milled around, striking poses and talking shop, I was shoving vast amounts of tasty foodstuffs into my mouth.)
One of these people is a six-foot tall model. The other is wearing four-inch heels and spends a lot of time at buffet tables.

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