Friday, May 28, 2010

I got the awesome discount at the neighborhood boutique of Doom and now I'm more broke than ever. I will, however, be spending my time at the soup kitchens in some great dresses. Hooray! Also, my head has survived another self-applied haircut. There was a tense couple of hours while I waited for it to dry (I stupidly cut it fresh out of the shower and soaking wet. I sort of forgot that it's not always like that) but much to my simultaneous relief and annoyance, no one even noticed I'd cut it. Three inches, people!! That's not nothin'. Either my hair is so long that no one can tell bits of it are gone or it looks terrible, possibly from an angle I cannot see, like the back of my head, and no one wants to make me feel bad.

*My cat crawled onto my lap while I was typing this and he just gave himself a big ol' languid cat stretch and slipped right off my lap. I find this kind of thing hilarious, despite the leg-clawing I got when he panicked at the beginning of the extremely un-languid fall.
He's back now, dignity and balance intact.

Clementine the Wonder Bug is in the shop again. Looking over this blog, I see that there very many entries where I talk about my car breaking down or catching fire. The latest thing is breaking down while parked on hillsides, for no particular reason. It just doesn't want to drive anymore. It's confusing my super-genius mechanic and he's keeping the car in the shop until he can figure it out. This means that I'm walking a whole lot. Walking to work, walking to the store, walking to the bus stop, walking walking walking. Occasionally biking. Mostly walking. I have discovered that it's much easier to walk up a hill than it is to ride a bicycle up one and because there is a large hill between me and EVERYTHING ELSE, the bike isn't getting as much use as I'd originally thought.

Abrupt ending because I can't think of anything else to talk about.

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