Monday, November 8, 2010

So then I was, all, like, you know...

Halloween happened and I was a burglar, of the old-fashioned variety, complete with shady mustache.
Happy Halloween

I'd decided on the costume about two days before Halloween and I was all smug about how prepared I was (long-sleeve black shirt, black pants, black hat, black mask. I have all those things. I am done) only to find while I was getting dressed that morning that I did not, in fact, have half of those things. Pink masks, white masks, tiger masks, those I had but a plain little black one? Nope. Same with the long-sleeve shirt. The only black one I have has yellow seams. Totally unsuitable for burglary. Finally, I ended up cutting the mask out of one of my backdrops and wearing the yellow seamed shirt out the door, studiously ignoring the fifteen or so costumes I already have hanging in the closet. I've already worn those. I got to where I was going and ran into my friend, Anahi. She wasn't in costume but she happened to be wearing a black, long-sleeved shirt and as soon as I saw it, I dragged her into the bathroom, swapped tops, she drew the mustache on my finger, and voila! My burglar costume, it was complete. Then I took a nine-year-old boy trick or treating and I was one of a very small group of adults in costume. This is because I rock.

Another Halloween festivity this year was going to Knott's Scary Farm with the Guy, the BFF, and her guy.


We saw a lot of stuff like this:

It was a lot of fun and I got to try out my new camera lens, a Canon 50mm. I'm kind of in love with this lens. As soon as I figure out how to use it, I'ma take some purdy pictures. This is one that the BFF took of my and the Guy, using the lens.

It's blurry and off-center and I love it. My BFF is a much better photographer than I am.

I also went with Amber, the Guy, and his Kid to a Day of the Dead event at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery but the pictures aren't uploaded yet. I'll get around to that, eventually.

That's it, really. Work is working out, for now. I've got a shoot on Thursday night and I'll get to experiment some more with my new lens.
The dog is much better behaved since he's grown used to me and the apartment. The cat is still trying to kill the dog and I'm afraid that I may have to take my landlord up on his offer to take the cat but I'm holding out for a while longer, hoping that the cat may yet calm down, just a little, and quit with the dogicide.

I read today about a blogger challenge to pick thirty things out of your closet and wear them, and only them, for thirty days. I am intrigued and may give this a shot. The thing is, I'm poor, I have a somewhat problematic addiction to new shoes and dresses, and I love style. With this challenge, I wouldn't be allowed to shop and I'd have to find new ways to wear my favorite things.
I'd probably start up a new blog for this challenge. Definitely intrigued. I may even start tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.

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