Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Numero two.

I've made it to Day Number Two of the 30 for 30 challenge, which is pretty spectacular for me. I'm not so good with the old self-restraint and don't usually make it past the end of day one. The challenge will be on this shiny new blog, which you should only look at if you really like looking at boring clothes and lots of pictures of my dog. This is my favorite expression of his:
Don't be fooled by his extremely adorable good looks. He's a bully.China, my Guy's dog, is super-sweet and loves loves loves to be loved by the people but the dogs, not so much. She hates other dogs and was growling at Dr. Evil for weeks before his constant, unending need to be right next to her every second of every day finally won her over. Now they're best friends and have bi-hourly wrestling matches. They're surprisingly well-matched. Dr. Evil is tiny and incredibly uncoordinated but China is ancient and extremely stiff. The wrestling usually ends with Dr. Evil having stuffed himself under the couch to get away from an increasingly cranky China while she takes a quick nap so as to regain her strength.

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