Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Return to life

The guy with(out) the thumb is fine. I saw him on Monday and the thumb, it has been reattached. Hooray for modern medicine and science!
I, also, am fine. Hooray for NyQuil and long naps!
My dog proved useless in the nursing department. I was constantly dragging myself out of my sickbed to take him on walks and he never, not once, made me soup. I'm only keeping him because I'm sure no one else would ever take him. Useless.His fur growth has reached the optimal cuteness stage. He looks super huge (as huge as a ten pound dog gets, anyway) and fluffy and I'm not sure he can see past the cloud of curls that's hanging over his eyes anymore. ADORABLE!

Is it sad that I've really got nothing to talk about except my dog? Have I become one of those people? I talk about other things, too, I swear I do. I talk about things like shoes. And ships. And sealing wax. And cabbages and kings.
And my cat. He's still alive so, you know, that's good.

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