Saturday, May 21, 2011

One more day

Two fantastic days in New Orleans, one more to go. I'm headed back home on Sunday morning.
Tomorrow, I'll visit the St Louis no 1 cemetery, supposedly one of the most haunted in the world. I'm not bothered by the thought of ghosts - what's really upsetting is having to get up early to see the place. Cemeteries in New Orleans close EARLY. Like, 12pm early. I found this out when I got to the Lafayette Cemetery today at 3:30, only to find they'd already locked their gates.  I lurked for a bit, taking pictures through the fence, and finally ended up wandering through the Garden District, trying to decide which house I'm going to buy when I've got my first squillion dollars.    I'd only be in the place for a few weeks a year, though.  As lovely as those homes are, I don't think I could live here. It isn't summer yet and the humidity is INSANE  - I'm sweaty and shiny and I've got hair that could eat Tokyo. 
The food. . . I could move here for the food.  It is amazing. Rich and spicy and buttery and oh, so wonderful.  I've had some Very Fancy Dinners in some Very Fancy Places but I've never experienced anything like the good food overload that is New Orleans. Pub,  diner, jazz club, or Fancy Pants Restaurant, EVERYTHING is incredible.  I'm eating constantly, just stuffing everything I see into my facehole. It's ridiculous, really.  If I lived here I'd be enormous. You'd be able to spot me (and my humidified hair) from space.
I've taken lots and lots of photos and I can't wait to see if any of them are actually any good. My 365 project is still happening, too, but instead of waiting until I get back to edit and upload a proper photo, I'm sending pictures taken with my cell phone. This way it's uploaded immediately and I don't have to worry about catching up.  EVERYBODY (me) WINS!!

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