Monday, April 22, 2013


I'm doing a thousand different things now and while sometimes it gets overwhelming, I'm having a lot of fun. 
One thing I'm doing is helping a friend open up a salon. Designing and arranging the space has become my favorite thing.  It's like creating a movie set!  Everything has to be just so, it has to say something specific and be harmonious with all the things around it. If I weren't doing a million other things, I'd want to take a design course!   For now, I'll stick to learning how to do lash extensions and teaching myself how to speak French and how to play bass guitar. 
Oh!  And how to develop my own film. I'll be using a friends darkroom tomorrow to develop some photos I took while at the Grand Canyon. I'm not sure if the camera I'd been using actually works so the developing process will be extra exciting. 

I'll get back to the trip to Paris soon. I've finally finished uploading all the photos. Now I've got a couple of fashion shoots, a trip to Mexico City, and the Grand Canyon trip photos to get to. Someday I will catch up with myself. 

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