Monday, October 28, 2013

The beginning of catching up.

No posts here since April.....

That's a long time, isn't it?  I'VE BEEN BUSY!  I have!  Really!  There's a lot going on in Casa Banana.
Let's see... Since April there's been a trip to Mexico City with my BFF to visit my brother,
 That's us, there. In glorious Mexico City. More photos to come, eventually.  It was pretty great.  We saw the pyramids and ate a lot of food and went to a creepy witchcraft market and bought a lot of things and I finally learned how to haggle.  I am (was) a truly terrible haggler.  More than once, I've offered to pay full price for something once my shopping companion had talked the seller into a lower price.  I was concerned that the seller wouldn't actually commit to the lower price and if my friend wanted it that bad, I could just get it for her...  I did this kind of a lot and Jesse had basically forbidden me from saying a word whenever he was discussing prices with someone.  Mexico City changed all that.  I haggle all the time, for all the things and it's shocking how many people are OK with lowering their price.  I mean, it's not for places like Target but I do a lot of shopping in Downtown LA and those guys are tricking people into overpaying all over the place.  I realize that this is probably not new knowledge to everybody else in the world but it's exciting for me.

Then there was a trip to the Grand Canyon with the Guy and the Kid.
Grand Canyon
 That's us, there. At the glorious Grand Canyon. More photos to come, eventually.  We brought the Doctor along and all of us had a great time.  The trip was planned as a long camping road trip kind of thing and since I booked the campsite at the Grand Canyon, I asked the Guy to find campsites on the road to and from the place.  We ended up spending the first night of the trip at a campsite in Needles, California.  For those of you who are not familiar with Needles, California, I give you some information.  1) It is not actually in California, it is on the face of the sun.  There's some kind of travel science magic thing that makes this possible.  2) It is the most boring city of ever.  3) The average daily temperature there is roughly 3 bajillion.
We lasted one night because we are Ultimate Campers.  Then we went to a hotel and stayed there until our campsite at the Grand Canyon opened up because camping is the worst.   At the new campsite, feral Elk ate our tablecloth and giant ravens tried to eat my dog.  I imagine that's what living in the apocalypse is like.
The Grand Canyon was very beautiful, we oohed and aahhed and then canceled our stay at the third campsite in favor of our beds and air conditioning.

The kid had a big show where he got a pie in the face.  I have no photo of that magical face/pie moment but I have this:

Guys and Dolls
 He's the tall one in the middle. It was a cute show.  Kind of odd seeing 11 and 12 year old girls vamping it up and singing about giving you a good time but hey - kids these days, amiright?

There's been a bunch more stuff but I've realized that if I illustrate every single thing with a photo, this post will be way too long to deal with.  I'll talk about more stuff later, possibly.

I had my teeth cleaned for the first time (ever) today and the dental hygienist was surprised and impressed that my teeth are as good as they are.  Judging from her expression when I told her that I'd never done it before, she must have expected them to be falling out of my face.  I have good teeth, people. 


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