Friday, May 30, 2014

The Adventures of D&A.

We are still in the middle of Spring and the hot, it is here.  I've been making summer dresses and fruit pies and buying killing house plants.  It's only taken ten to fifteen plant deaths for me to figure out which ones are hardier than others.  Fingers crossed that by the end of the year a few of the plants I've purchased in the last week will still be alive.
The pie making is a new thing and I'm going nuts with it.  Currently, I've got a bowl full of lemon slices soaking in sugar and juice for the lemon shaker pie I'll be making tonight.  A couple of days ago, it was a pineapple apricot pie.  Everyone I visit will get pie because I don't want to eat them, I just want to make them. 

My brother was in town for a few weeks and there were adventures - one of them was a tour of Pixar.  I met many interesting characters.
Like this guy.

And these guys.

And these two.
 A former roommate of my brother's works for the company and gave us a mini tour and I was so excited I was nearly hyperventilating.   Original art, concept designs, cereal bars, a swimming pool, screening rooms....  I want to live there.

Then there was Art and Culture at LACMA.  
This is a very arty photo that I took of David.  See how serious he is?  That's how you know that this is ART.

This is a very arty photo that David took of me.  You'd think that because my face isn't very serious, this is not art.  You are wrong.  This is art because it was taken in a museum by a Very Serious Artist and that makes it ART.

Adventure #3 was a trip to Disneyland.
David loves Disneyland.  Don't be fooled by the expression - he's got a naturally grumpy face.

See?  He loves it.

And the final adventure was a trip to someplace where they grow a lot of apples.  The name of the place escapes me.  If you know a place where there are many apples grown, that could be the place we went to on Mother's Day.  Our mother went with us. 
This is David and the car he's always wanted.  The guy behind the car who looks like my dad is my dad.  There are no apples in this photo.

There will be more activity here since I've left the Facebook.  Fingers crossed.

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