Thursday, December 2, 2010

The zoo

My guy is in Florida for a little while and because his dog hasn't been doing so well, I've moved into his place to care for the dog while the guy is away. My own dog gets along well with China but I didn't want to drive back and forth between our places every day to care for my cat as well as the two dogs so I moved the cat in here, too. It's taken a couple of days for everyone to get used to each other but now it seems good. China the Pit Bull ignores Ferris the Cat, who likes to tackle Dr. Evil the Maltipoo, who enjoys wrestling with China the Pit Bull. Sitting on the couch, I can look down the hallway and watch the animals zip back and forth from room to room, like those old movies. First, there's a quick gray flash (Ferris) moving from the guest room to the master bedroom. Seconds later, a slightly fuzzier flash of white (Dr. Evil) follows. There's a smacking sound, sometimes a muffled yelp, then the fuzzy white flash comes barreling out of the master bedroom, followed closely by the quick gray flash and both disappear into the guest room. There is more smacking and yelping and the gray flash is rushing in and out of the hallway again, the white flash just behind him. This happens over and over and is always hilarious, especially when Dr. Evil tries to make a quick turn and ends up skidding along the hardwood floors and crashing into the walls. China does not play the Hallway Game. She waits in the living room until Dr Evil comes rushing past, all giddy with excitement, and then with one swipe of her massive head, she takes him out. Once he's down, China stands over him as he's lying on his back, limbs in the air, and she sort of gums him to death (she's pretty old) while he bats ineffectually at her with his tiny lamb legs. Again, hilarious.
The house is noisy but it's certainly not lonely.

Dr. Evil got a haircut today and he lost about seven inches of girth. He's got a puff of a tail, a puff of a head, and a stick of a body between. My dog is a Q-Tip. When I picked him up from the groomers, I started laughing as soon as I saw him - I wish I could get a picture that really shows just how ridiculous and adorable he looks - and throughout the day, whether I'm walking him or watching him play with (get mauled by) the other animals, I keep laughing at him. He's gonna end up with a complex.

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