Thursday, April 7, 2011

Las Vegas!

I've been back a week now and still haven't gotten around to uploading the photos. My guy, Captain Timely, uploaded his the next day. This is one of them. The casino here will be featured prominently in my photostream in the near future. It was BEAUTIFUL!!! All fake diamonds and ropes and ..... I don't even know. It was like the very fanciest harem I've ever been in.
Now I'm sitting in J's house while he's out of town, surrounded by animals, my face covered in goop that is supposed to be good for it but is actually scaring me (what if it never comes off? I've always wanted to try a mask, every since I was a little girl watching fifties movie stars pop out of bathrooms with their faces green. Being girly is fun! And scary!), and listening to music I've never heard before. It's good.

I love how hilariously awkward J's pose is. I'd set up the camera with the self-timer and when I walked up to him, he grabbed me around the waist, I made some crack about how prom-photo-y it was, he stiffened up to continue the joke while I relaxed even more to avoid the prom posing and SNAP we look like the couple that couldn't get it together. Or, preferably, the couple where one of us is uptight about picture-taking and the other is fabulously relaxed with awesome shoes.

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