Tuesday, April 26, 2011

say what?

I just found out that a self-portrait* I did years and years ago is going to be on the cover of an vampire novel!! It's being published by a major publishing house in Australia and they've been trying to get a hold of me for weeks to secure my permission. My permission has been gleefully given and I'll upload a picture of the finished work once it's been published in September -I'm not sure I'm supposed to yet. I'll be getting a hard copy (and a check) for my very own.
So basically, now I'm a professional model.


*Technically, it's my photo that's featured but another artist manipulated it and she'll get half the payment for the cover art. She was the one that was contacted by the publishing house initially as the manipulated version of my photo was in her portfolio but since it's my picture, everyone involved had to get my permission to use it. And while it's still recognizably me, it's a very glamorized, vampirized me. So, you know. . . Hooray for us!!!

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