Friday, April 22, 2011

Really? April already?

The weeks just keep on rolling by, don't they? 
Today was kind of mixed bag.
1) Went to the Angels - Red Sox game and Boston won (good)
2) Discovered that at some point in the last two days someone had stolen all the cash out of my wallet (bad) and
3) Celebrated* my dog's first birthday (good).

I'm fairly certain that I've done some other fun stuff in the last couple of weeks but they've been squeezed out of my brain by today's events. My memory retention is very, very limited.
Let's see. . .There were a couple of very nice dinners, one of them at one of my very favorite restaurants in LA, Cafe Figaro. There were a couple of movies, neither of them memorable. A new blouse from a shop in Little Tokyo that ripped across the chest the first time I wore it to work - which reminds me:

How to sew. I hated the learning process, never cared back then about making my own clothes (How was I supposed to make a pair of Jordache Jeans?), was easily frustrated and deeply resentful of my poor mother for subjecting me to such a pointless hobby. Sewing was boring, time consuming, stupid, and, because I'm really clumsy, painful. I hated it and there was no way I was going to do it.  I figured that if I threw enough tantrums my mother would give up the Make Ana Into A Useful Lady project and I'd be free to watch TV and eat tasty snack foods all day. How wrong I was.  I was a stubborn brat but my mother, she'd been stubborn for YEARS before I met her and I didn't stand a chance.  Before I could figure out where my brilliant plan had gone wrong,  I was sitting in front of that stupid sewing machine ALL THE TIME, feeling sorry for myself and making crooked seams. 
My mother is an extraordinary woman and, despite my extreme aversion to learning anything useful, she taught me the basics and set me free.  Twenty years on, I'm grateful for every lesson she gave me and wish I'd paid closer attention. That ripped blouse on Tuesday? Two minutes in the bathroom with a sewing kit from the 99¢ store and my blouse was rescued, my money unwasted, and my decency restored. 
So thank you, Mom. Sorry I was kind of a jerk about the whole sewing thing.

*By 'celebrated', I mean I mentioned it to a couple of people and then gave him an extra treat. He's ONE. It's not like he's gonna feel cheated. Also, he's a dog.

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