Friday, March 23, 2012

Another one bites the dust

David and I have had another birthday. Turns out the things are totally unavoidable, especially when you are my brother or myself, who firmly believe our birthdays are right up there with Christmas or Give Me Presents Day (September 18th). 
I went up to San Francisco to spend a few days with David, accompanied by the Doctor, and J joined us later. We had a fantastic time. Because I'd rented a car, we were able to take a day trip to Tomales Bay.  Many oysters were eaten.  Many photos were taken. Many good times were had.
A diner-themed birthday party in the living room.
A wacky German diplomat staying in the studio. We bonded and now I have a place to stay in Berlin.
The Doctor's total, all-consuming fear of everything in San Francisco.
Successful thrift store shopping (worth mention because this is extremely rare for me. I'm usually overwhelmed by the experience and shut down immediately).
A birthday get-together in the divey-est bar in Chinatown where there was an entire Chinese family hunched over one end of the bar, drinking whiskey from coffee cups they'd brought from home.
Dinner with rarely-seen younger cousins, both of whom have grown into charming young ladies.
The temporary loan of several extremely awesome cameras I can't wait to play with.
There's probably more. I'll think of it once I've got photos done.
More later! 

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