Monday, April 16, 2012

Four months...

Has anyone else noticed the time-suck that has happened to 2012? I could have sworn that last month was January. How did April happen so fast? And it's halfway over! August is just barreling towards us and I am woefully unprepared.
There was a bridal shower and it was fun. Here are some of the girls that made it. There were games and mimosas and wedding gowns made out of toilet paper and everyone agreed that it was a great success. My maid of honor was an amazing hostess. She's the one in red.No blondes allowed at any party of mine.

OK, not really, it just worked out that way. There was one blonde invited but she didn't make it. Not that I need to justify anything to you.

The dog and the cat are both doing well.
Wow. I really don't have anything to say and I was certain that I had lots to say just an hour ago.
I may have to come back to this later.

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